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In 2012-2013, the cyber currency market faced a crash making thousands of investors cry. Since then, many investors lost their faith in this market and switched their investment portfolios to gold and real estate. But, after a year, digital market surged again and jumped even higher in 2015. If we give a glance to past six months, we witness a steady rise in the prices of most of the digital currencies.

Although we notice a long list of entrepreneurs and investors gearing up for cryptocurrency investment, but does that mean you should also invest in it? I don’t find it as a sufficient reason to finalize an investment decision. We need more logical and solid arguments to get convinced. So, here you go;

Adoption rate for practical applications fairly raised:

In 2016, cryptocurrency has become a mesh of society. Blockchain and cryptocurrency protocols got ingrained which gave birth to a new product/service line.  Now you see an increased number of ventures launching blockchain based products and services. Consumers are adopting cryptocurrencies to play on its rails. Technologies get in and out rapidly but cryptocurrency got some roots. As economy is growing, the working capital of digital currencies is mounting as well. If you want to move your money around the world and enjoy upcoming digital products, start investing in cryptocurrency.

Merchant acceptance is significantly escalating:

Fiat currencies and traditional transaction systems are having many limitations in terms of transaction volume and frequency. Moreover, they impose high deductions on transactions. PayPal and credit cards are also charging a fair amount on the name of transaction fee. These limitations contributed in increased adoption rate of cryptocurrencies among merchants. For B2B transactions, merchants now prefer cryptocurrencies as payment mode. This has caused a good swing in prices of digital currencies. Merchants are also allowing the consumers to pay in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As you have to match the pace of this spontaneous digital world, make a sensible cryptocurrency investment.

Positive attitude of most of the governments towards cryptocurrency acceptance:

Cryptocurrency is facing multiple regulatory issues around the globe. A few countries have restricted the use of cryptocurrencies while some has completely banned this phenomenon. But, on average, we find a positive attitude towards its acceptance and usage. Many countries have legalized it and a huge list of countries has given it a neutral response. Governments are embracing a wait and see approach to check out where it leads. This positive attitude has triggered the worldwide recognition of famous cryptocurrencies. Even in banned countries, people are opting for cryptocurrency investment with the purpose of trade benefit. They are investing in cryptocurrencies and holding it instead of using. Motive behind investment holding is to gain some extra dollars on exchange when prices increase.


Everyone has a different investment goal for any type of investment. Cryptocurrency is the best option for those who are having a risk appetite. Many consider it as a black hole which can vanish anytime but risk takers are nailing it.